Sabre Toothed Tiger, (Smilodon Populator)

A ferocious predator from the ice age. Once again a creature I designed long before realising it had stats in the Glorantha Bestiary. However Earth and Gæa are not Gloratha and the tiger’s stats differ considerably.

Artist Unknown

Sabre toothed tigers grow to roughly the size of an adult tiger or lion. They have shorter legs and are much heavier set however. Tawny brown with faint black striping in colour, their most prominent feature is their oversized canine teeth, which can be up to 40 centimetres long.

Like normal tigers, sabre toothed tigers prefer to hunt by ambush, but may stalk prey on occasion. They will also consume relatively fresh carrion. Preferring colder climes, their range includes grassland, wooded areas and rocky areas, such as hills and mountains. On rare occasions, one may be encountered is more arid regions and light jungle.

They are greatly feared creatures and are very proud of the fact. A challenge will be met in most occasions, unless the tiger is nursing cubs or otherwise occupied in a more important activity.

Last updated MMVI July MMII

Sabre Toothed Tiger

STR6D6 + 1033-37Move 8
CON3D6 + 615-18Hit Points 27
SIZ4D6 + 1529Fatigue 46
DEX3D6 + 314-15
Hit LocationMelee (D20)Missile (D20)Points
RH Leg01-0201-023/7
LH Leg03-0403-043/7
Hind Q05-0705-093/10
Fore Q08-1010-143/10
RF Leg11-1315-163/7
LF Leg14-1617-183/7
WeaponSRAttack %Damage
Bite830 + 151D12 + 2D8
Claw550 + 121D8 + 2D6
Rip5802D8 + 2D6

Note: A sabre toothed tiger gets one bite and two simultaneous claws each round. The bite hits 3 strike ranks after the claws. If both claws hit, the tiger will hang on and rip with its hind claws on the next round, while continuing to bite. Should the tiger obtain a special success with its bite, it will impale its victim due to the length of its canines. Once impaled, the victim will have to attempt to break free as the tiger will hold on until the victim perishes.
Skills: Dodge 40 + 1, Scent 50, Hide 70-5, Jump 55 + 3, Sneak 80-10.
Armour: 3 point skin.

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