The Shadow Legion

Out of the ashes of Tau, at the dawn of this new age birthed in fire and chaos a warrior arose and brought forth a new era in warfare throughout Gaia.

The annals record Rocheval the Red, once personal friend and confidante to General Tiberius breaking through the chaos siege of Tau with a few dedicated men and seeking aid to bring back a force to attempt to break the siege.
Rocheval did not return. Tau was raised and General Tiberius disappeared without a trace.

The few survivors of Tau tell of the betrayal of Tiberius and Rocheval in their hour of need, but Rocheval did return to the ashes with a handful of good men, all that was left after fighting his way back through the Vale of Osria.

With the great walled city of Tau destroyed the Chaos forces dispersed into the countryside and their tyrant – the bitch queen Tanjha was never seen again. Without leadership the looting chaos hordes ravaging the countryside were easy prey for an organised defence and counter strike which Rocheval immediately recognised and organised. The black and red banner was raised and the sons of men gathered under it. Using unconventional guerrilla tactics, traps and surprises Rocheval led the resistance and systematically eradicated pockets of Chaos spawn. Caught like a headless beast without direction the scourge was wiped from the north.

Once again the banner was raised and the Shadow Legion was born. Many warriors gathered to join the quickly growing (in fame and size) legion, mostly people who had nothing to lose, who had lost families to the war or those who had scores to settle.

With it’s numbers swelled the legion spread forth and grew from strength to strength, becoming the most feared and revered mercenary company on Gaia.

Their fame grew and spread far and wide, as Chaos retreated and man’s greed flourished the legion had many employers and has struck fear into the hearts of many a general and king who have found themselves on the wrong side facing the legion.

The Rievers of the shadows, the Harbringers of doom, the Black death, the legion has had many a name which they have earned over and over. Rigorous training and standards make the legion what it is as well as the unconventional tactics envisioned by Rocheval. Generals have been surprised to find unarmoured charcoal smeared warriors appearing behind their lines; viscous ambushes and traps as well as “dummy” warriors and armies. The legion has always stayed one step ahead and has changed the way Gaian generals see a battlefield and a foe.

Now the legion has upwards of a thousand elite warriors including five hundred heavy cavalry and many skilled archers. Although the legion accepts men and women with no questions asked about history, any prospective legionnaire must prove their skills in rigorous testing and combat trials.

“Strike like a daemon, fade like a shadow” ~ legion motto.

This article was originally published X December MMII

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