The World

An overview of the world of Gæa.

The world map is bound to change a lot as continent shapes have been drawn from memory and only three continents currently have names.

Gæa circles a yellow sun, slightly larger than the earth’s own sun. In size, Gæa is larger than the earth but temperatures are much the same due to it orbiting a bit further away from the large sun.

Gæa spins on its own axis much like earth, although at a slightly faster rate. The faster rate of spin and larger size combine to allow a day length comparible to those of earth.

As such, a Gæan year is 427 days long and is split into 13 months, most or which have 33 days. The number of days per week differ between cultures.

Due to the length of the year, many cultures have adopted a concept of six seasons, where the Summer and Winter are of such length that they are divided into two sections each, First Summer – from the end of Spring to Mid Summer, Second Summer – from Mid Summer to Autumn. The same would apply to Winter.

Gæa has two moons, a shiny white moon which orbits nearby and affects the tides and seasonal cycles, and a dark moon, which appears as a small surly green globe on the horizon if it is seen at all. Its orbit is further out than the yellow moon and is also elliptical. Thus the green moon is invisible for most of the time. Many believe that its cycle has an affect on the spirit plain and can be used to channel magic.

A modern world map
An ancient world map attempt

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