Moon Spear

A cult spell for the Moon Goddess. May her radiant face shine upon us.

Moon Spear

3 Points
Instant, Nonstackable, Reusable
Moon Goddess

This spell works only when the moon is directly visible. When cast, an icy moonbeam freezes one caster-designated target.

The target must be visible to the caster and the moon must be in plain sight of the target. Without needing to overcome magic points, a 1-metre-diameter cylinder of damage descends on the target.

very living thing within the circle receives 1D6 damage per quarter phase of the moon. Hence 4D6 for full moon, 3D6 for three quarter moon etc. Only soft leather or cloth armour will protect against this damage; spells are ineffective. The number of moons visible and whether the same goddess has influence over them will further sway damage. Thus is two moons are full, visible and influenced by the same goddess, damage could potentially be 8D6.

Moonspear was initially published II September MMIV

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