Alternative occupations for RuneQuest 3rd edition.

Medicine Man

An alternative to the Shaman Occupation.

Medicine Man, Primitive
Some adventurers do not have the skills or desire to become a shaman. Alternately, their tribe may Frown upon magic. A healer with plant knowledge and skill in setting broken bones is still a basic necessity in a primitive tribe. Medicine men also take on the roll of tribe historian/story teller in many cases. To this extent, a medicine man may even exist alongside a shaman in bigger tribes.

Skills: Throw x 1, Orate x 2, Sing x 2, Speak own language x 1, Animal lore x 1, Plant lore x 3, Human lore x 3, Mineral lore x 1, Read/Write own language x 1 (Pictograms/paintings), First aid x 3, Listen x 2, Devise x 1, Search x 2, Fist attack x 1, Dagger attack x 1, 1H spear or club attack x 1, Dodge x 1.
Magic: 1D3-1 points at 15 years of age plus 1 point per every 10 years or part thereof.
Equipment: Cultural weapons, knife, gourds, fire maker, fur and leather clothing, sack with herbs and medicines, drawing charcoal, wax and trinkets/totems to the value of 10 pennies.

Nomad Trader

Nomads also need to trade.

Trader, Nomad
Some nomads tribes trade goods with the people whose lands they travel through. This is usually the forte of each individual Tribesman, but in larger or more organized tribes, there occasionally arises a quick tongued person who can specialize in making a quick profit. Nomad traders will often be asked to make profitable deals on behalf of their other tribesmen. Be that selling the crafters wares or procuring a pretty bride for their chieftain.

Skills: Ride x 2, Throw x 1, Fast talk x 3, Orate x 1, Speak own language x 3, Speak other language x 2 (or speak 2 other languages x 1 each), Evaluate x 3, First aid x 1, Human lore x 3, Read/Write other language x 1, Conceal x 1, Sleight x 2, Devise x 1, Scan x 2, Fist attack x 2, Dagger attack x 2, 1H Weapon attack x 1 or missile weapon x 1, Dodge x 3. Magic: 1D3-1 points at 15 years of age plus 1 point per every 10 years or part thereof.
Equipment: Leather clothing (1-point protection), 1 item fine clothing or armor, knife, dagger, water skins, fire maker, 50m rope, riding animal, 2 sacks and assorted trade goods worth 150 pennies, 20 pennies in assorted coin.

Serving Wench

Who else is going to serve the ale and take the abuse of a taverns patrons. Conan the barbarian must have made many serving wenches rich in his time.

Serving Wench, Civilized
Most every tavern in civilized lands employ women to serve their patrons. Serving wenches are clever gatherers of information, friendly company or comely redistributors of wealth. Many a drunken adventurer has lightened his purse considerable in the company of a buxom serving wench. Serving wenches often endure their somewhat demeaning employment while they await a chance to enter a more exciting or rewarding occupation. Although this occupation is aimed principally at female characters, there is no reason why a male character cannot perform its functions. E.G.: In a tavern frequented by amazons.

Skills: Throw x 2, Fast-talk x 3, Orate x 2, Speak own language x 1, Speak other language x 2 (or Speak two other languages x 1 each), Human lore x 3, Plant lore x 1 or World lore x 1, Evaluate x 3, First aid x 2, Conceal x 2, Sleight x 4, Listen x 1, Scan x 1, Fist attack x 2, Kick x 2, Grapple x 1, Dagger attack x 4, Dodge x 2, Throwing knife x 2. Magic: Roll D100 for the magic system available to the adventurer. Do not change magic system before play begins.

01 – 75
Divine Magic: Your adventurer’s parents worship the ruling god (see Divine Magic chapter of the Magic book). Your adventurer can automatically become an Initiate of that god, whether or not she has a positive magic skills modifier (see Civilized Initiate occupation). She will then receive both Initiate and normal occupational experience.

76 – 00
: Your adventurer receives 1D3-1 sorcery spells at age 15, plus one additional sorcery spell for every 5 years or fraction thereafter. She also receives Intensity x 1 or Ceremony x 1 or World lore x 1, Enchant x 1 or Summon x 1and spells x 2 (allot the percentiles among known spells as desired).
Equipment: Linen and wool clothing, Scanty costume, knife, bronze dagger, fire maker and tinder, 2-hour candle, sack, bottle of spirits, wineskin (full), blanket, 30 pennies in coin, assorted jewelry worth 200 pennies.

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