Fossa (Cryptoprocta ferox)

A small predator from Madagascar.

A small, ferocious, cat like carnivore. Although it does occasionally hunt by day, it is primarily nocturnal. With sharp powerful claws and needle like teeth, it has the ability to seriously wound creatures up to twice its size. Although not a real danger to adult humans, it could be a threat to small children, halflings, ducks and pixies. Its ability to climb extremely fast and jump make it equally dangerous to small flying folk like faeries.

In its native Madagascar, the solitary fossa uses its powerful body and sharp claws to scale trees in search of its favourite prey, lemurs

This wildlife program inspired entry was first documented on VI August MMII


STR1D6 + 35-6Move 8
CON3D610-11Hit Points 7
SIZ1D6 + 14Fatigue 15
POW1D6 + 69-10
DEX2D6 + 1219
RH Leg01-0201-020/3
LH Leg03-0403-040/3
Hind Q05-0705-090/4
Fore Q08-1010-140/4
RF Leg11-13 15-160/3
LF Leg14-1617-180/3
Bite1040 + 71D8
Claw750 + 7 1D6

Note: The fossa can claw its prey and bite in the same round if it so desires. If the fossa claws its prey with a special success, its claws will grip into its prey’s flesh, allowing it to hang on. It will continue to do claw damage every 3 strike ranks until its claws are removed. (No further hit rolls will required until its claws disengage).
Skills: Climb 70 + 6, Jump 60 + 4, Sneak 80 – 2, Scan 25 – 2, Listen 35 – 4.
Armour: None.

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